Suwanee Privacy Fence Styles

Here at Suwanee Fence Company we pride ourselves in delivering top quality privacy fences for our customers.  A privacy fence can be delivered in multiple different styles and we would like to provide specific descriptions for you to choose from.

Solid Wood Privacy Fence – Fence panels are positions side by side with no gap between each slat.  This specific fence style offers complete privacy and a uniform look.

Dog Ear Privacy Fence – The Dog Ear Fence is the most common privacy fence and typically consists of a 6ft slat that are positioned on either side creating a staggered effect.  The dog ear fence still provides a decent amount of privacy and security.

Single/Double  concave –The single and double concave are how the top of the fence is cut.  A single concave is cut in a ‘U’ shape  and a double concave is two ‘U’ cuts in one fence panel.

Single/Double Convex – The single and double convex styles are the same thing as the concave, but use a an frown shaped fence top.

Gothic Style –  A gothic styled fence consists of a spade shaped point at the top of each picket. This fence style is standardized across ornamental and wood fences.

Cedar Lattice Top – A lattice top can be applied to any fence and consists of a decorative board of crosshatched wood patterns placed on top of the fence.

2/3 rail Farm Fence- This a common fence type used for farms and rural areas.  It consists of 3 horizontal beams that connect to two vertical posts.  The horizontal beams can be secured or they can portable.  This type of fence is popular in Suwanee, Winder & Grayson.

When discussing your fence options with your preferred Suwanee Fence Company make sure you are specific with the fence type (wood, ornamental or chain link) and discuss the pros and cons of each fence style for your community.   If you have any questions regarding -your fence style in Atlanta, Georgia please give us a call at – 770-923-8837