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Preserving your wood fence

How do you care for a fence after it is installed?  The first step in caring for your fence is letting the boards set for 30-60 days.  This allows the moisture to dissipate and for the boards be in a more final preparation for sealing.   Many people may try using a garden sprayer, but […]

Pet Friendly Suwanee Fences

Do you have a yard that needs to be enclosed by a pet friendly fence?  Depending on what type of breed your dog is there are many solutions to make sure “Fido” stays put in his yard.  A tall privacy fence is essential for keeping your dog within his own domain and actually prevents him […]

Suwanee Wood Fence Pricing

How much does a wood fence in Suwanee, Georgia cost?  Pricing varies per project, but the most accurate way of ball parking your specific project is my linear feet.  An affordable Suwanee fence contractor will charge anywhere from $12-$22 dollars a linear foot.  The linear foot is accurate, but there are multiple other variables that […]